5 questions to ask yourself before considering a cosmetic procedure

Posted Date : 07 Jan 2019

We bet that a few years ago, you might have thought of cosmetic surgery as a vanity. But today, we’re doing away with the idea of cosmetic surgery being a luxury, and recognizing the fact that it is a solution to help people feel better about themselves. Men and women see it as a positive solution to a particular problem of theirs. While that’s all great and dandy! Have you ever asked yourself what exactly do you want the surgery to correct? Is it a medical issue or an enhancement? If you haven’t then you are not alone …. Many people out there change themselves to keep a boyfriend, fit into their social circle, to get their mind out a major downhill like a divorce or to even look like a celebrity. So here are five questions you should ask yourself before you consider a cosmetic procedure.

Am I doing it for myself?

Just like we all know each patient’s goals are unique, it also stands true that you should have a very specific idea of what you want fixed. The happiest plastic surgery patients are those who undergo procedures to fix a specific issue or as a way to normalize their body to feel good about themselves, not in hopes of changing and improving other elements of your life and certainly not if you’re doing it for someone else.

Do I know want exactly I want the procedure to correct??

If you know you want to fix an issue like a nose job to balance your features and help you breathe better, or you want a gynecomastia to help uplift your esteem, or get a Breast Reduction to help you with your posture and get relief from neck, shoulder and back pain, that’s fine.

Or, if you want to normalize your body to feel good about yourself like an earlobe Correction to repair and restore your lobes, an eyelid lift to improve the appearance of your eyelids or a stretch marks reduction treatment to help you feel good about yourself when you don that bathing suit, that’s fine too.

But if you're just looking to go for a change without knowing what you want out of it or whether it will fix your concerns, that's a huge red flag!

What am I expecting from the procedure?

If your expectations are to look like the celebrity you like or transform yourself completely, you might have to step back and rethink! The point of getting a cosmetic procedure is to make you a better version of you. Not make you look like someone else. So if you are going into cosmetic surgery with unrealistic expectations the effect it will have on your looks and life will be drastic.

Am I ready to take the time to follow the pre and post-procedure advice?

If you’re a smoker you will be strongly advised to stop smoking altogether or at least for two to four weeks before and after your cosmetic procedure or if you’ve had a cool sculpting you will have to exercise and watch your diet to maintain the look. Every cosmetic procedure comes with its pre and post procedure advice that you will have to follow for better results.

Will I feel better after the procedure?

So ask yourself, ‘How will I feel looking in the mirror after the change?’ If the answer is, ‘I’m going to look good outside just as I feel good inside,’ then you’re good go!

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