Gynecomastia – an issue that rocks a man’s sense of manliness

Posted Date : 27 Dec 2018

Teasing, social trauma and embarrassment….the mental traumas associated with gynecomastia are endless. Although gynecomastia does not present any risks, the condition can have a significantly negative impact on the person’s mental and emotional health, particularly during adolescence.

Gynaecomastia is a common problem with more than half of adolescent males experiencing what we call ‘man boobs’. Merely having gynecomastia can cause significant stress to the person’s general health, social functioning, mental health, self-esteem, and eating behaviors.

So if you think gynecomastia is purely an aesthetic concern… then sorry to burst your bubble! But the damaging effect the condition can have on the mental and emotional health of an individual is as much of a concern as the condition itself. Many men even fear that their dating life and in some cases married life will take a hit due to their condition.

Therefore, it is very important for us to understand that Gynecomastia is not a dangerous disease. Though it mainly occurs due to hormonal or genetic problems or obesity, it is not at all harmful. It is, therefore, important for the family and friends of people with gynecomastia to encourage them to express their concerns and feelings freely as they tend to keep them bottled up

By doing so, it reassures them that they are loved and cared for as they are and realize that the issue is blown up in their own mind than in the eyes of those around.

Undergoing gynecomastia surgery is more than just correcting a cosmetic concern. It’s about restoring the person’s self-confidence, body image, and creating a better outlook for their life. Gynecomastia treatment is something worth exploring for men of all ages who are potentially suffering from the issue to evidently experience improvements in your body image and confidence.

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