22 year old from Madurai-Male breast correction

30 Year old male from Australia-Hair transplant

23 year old male from Coimbatore – Male breast correction

Now, thanks to the remarkable skill of Dr.Vikram Kumar, I feel normal again. I remember clearly the first appointment at Nova Cosmetic Surgery Centre, I felt so comfortable from the moment I talked with Dr.Vikram. I am forever indebted to him, for he has done for me a marvelous job which I must emphasize is indeed a miracle.

37 year old lady from Trirupur – Tummy Tuck

After my second childbirth, I weighed over 70kgs. I tried everything from aerobics to yoga. I was able to get rid of some fat from my arms, thighs and legs, yet my belly looked as if I was still 7 months pregnant. I had heard of surgical procedures from my friends but I was scared stiff and was worried about the side effects.

It was my husband who took the initiative to bring me Nova Cosmetic Surgery Centre. At first I was terrified at the thought of surgery. I had no idea about what the surgery was, whether it would leave any scars or how it would transform me. Dr.Vikram Kumar, put my worries to rest and explained to me in detail the whole procedure. As far as I am concerned he has magical hands and it is that magical touch which has brought back the confident woman in me


35 year old lady from Coimbatore – Breast Reduction - Dear Dr.Vikram,

I am writing to you, to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help and services rendered by you and your centre. There were those gloomy days in my life, when my obesity taunted my social life. I was then blessed with your acquaintance. Breast reduction has had a huge impact in the change of my life style. Apart from the cosmetic appearance, the neck and shoulder pain that was torturing me all these days due to the huge breasts have almost vanished. This procedure done by your skillful artistic hands has also resulted in a very cosmetically agreeable scar. Thank you so much. Looking forward to have a liposuction also in your centre.

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