Cosmetic Dentistry

It just may be time to put a fresh face and new smile with cosmetic dentistry,

a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile.

When you visit Nova, your smile is our top priority. We are committed to your long term dental health and only use top quality cosmetic dental restorations. Our advanced services, innovative technology, comforting atmosphere and dedication to provide you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve making you feel completely at ease.

Experience a complete radical smile change with our knowledge, skills and experience combined together.

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non-surgical cosmetic dentistry

You’d love to have a radiant smile that you can flash without feeling self-conscious, but the thought of surgical cosmetic dentistry makes you cringe? There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are many non-surgical cosmetic treatments that you can go with to improve the way your teeth look while still keeping them healthy.

Surgical cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry is no longer just filling and taking out teeth. Turn to surgical cosmetic dentistry to improve your appearance. Surgical cosmetic dentistry is of the same way one might use cosmetic surgery. These treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair your teeth.

Smile makeover

A Smile Makeover gives a person a more upright, more attractive smile with the help of specialized techniques. Many people are self-conscious of their smile because they feel that their teeth are not white enough, straight or they have missing teeth or even fillings, causing them to be self-aware when they smile or laugh. If this is the case then Smile Makeover is the right solution for you

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