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What is Liposuction?

While definitely not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, modern-day liposuction surgery (sometimes referred to as liposculpturing) can safely and permanently address those hard-to-lose fatty deposits that simply don’t respond to diet and exercise, creating big improvements in body contour and shape. For some of us, certain areas of the body are immune to exercise. No matter how many miles we run, sit-ups we do, weights we lift, or laps we swim, the fat remains, unless it is removed—with liposuction. Liposuction is appropriate for large, disproportionate hips, buttocks, thighs, the abdomen and “love handles”, as well as fat deposits on arms, back, knees, sides, and under the chin. Very often, many different areas can be treated during a single operation.

The Surgery

Surgery begins with a tiny incision inconspicuously located in a natural skin fold or crease in an area to be treated. Next, a salt water/anaesthetic solution is injected through a micro cannula. During surgery, the doctor moves the micro cannula back and forth under the skin. With the help of a high pressure suction machine, the unwanted fatty deposits are removed permanently and the desired shape is created.

After surgery

After surgery a tight-fitting garment must be worn over the area. This will help your skin shrink and conform smoothly to the new shape of your underlying tissue. You will be up and around in a day or two after surgery but strenuous activities should be restricted the first week or two. For several days after surgery you may experience mild discomfort and stiffness, which can usually be controlled by medication. Some patients experience numbness or discomfort for varying periods of time. Your scars will be barely noticeable and will soon seem to disappear. To help your skin shrink properly, we will provide you with an appropriate garment which is to be worn for several weeks. If you had skin dimpling (cellulite) before surgery, you will still have it afterward, but it may be somewhat improved. Expect some swelling and bruising which will subside within a month or two. Sometimes the skin may have an uneven or slightly rippled effect. Occasionally, permanent sagging of the skin happens when the amount of fat removed exceeds the ability of the skin to shrink. Overweight patients who have localized areas of fat removed must be willing to accept a greater chance of contour irregularities and less than ideal skin redraping in exchange for improving the way they look in clothing.


Liposuction Surgical Treatment | Excess fat Removal Treatment Centre

If you are after a more toned and athletic appearance, then you are the right candidate for liposculpture. While it is in the same cosmetic family as liposuction, liposculpture is more advanced. Unlike liposuction that removes mass of fat from the body, Liposculpture is designed to perform more excessive body contouring through the removal and reshaping of fat deposits. It is used to enhance the definition of muscles and remove fat from problem areas, such as the stomach, neck, and chin.

Who is a good candidate?

  • The best candidates for liposculpture are those who are close to their ideal weight, but still have unwanted bulges of fat.
  • While there are no definitive restrictions for who can and can’t undergo liposculpture, those with a BMI over 30 are not good candidates for the procedure.
  • younger non-smokers with darker skin tones have the best elasticity are considered the best candidites for liposculpture as removing a large amount of fat in older patients could be left with sagging skin.
  • Consult with our board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if liposculpture is right for your unique situation. 

What to expect?

  • Experiencing Pain after liposculpture is normal and often requires prescription medication. The more fat removed, the more pain you’re likely to feel. Although the first two days are the most uncomfortable, you will continue to feel small amounts of pain for several weeks or months following the procedure.
  • The results of liposculpture varies by individuals. Some might likely see some results immediately after surgery and most people see final results six months after surgery.
  • However you may continue to see improvements for up to a year. Swelling and bruising are normal after the procedure and it take weeks to resolve.
  • It’s also common to have some weight gain due to swelling and the tumescent fluid that is injected during the procedure which will resolve over time.
  • As with all cosmetic procedure, results will vary from person to person. It also takes several months, to see final results.

Post- treatment care:

  • Taking few days to a week off from work and your regular routine depending on the amount of liposculpture one has undergone is highly recommended In order to prevent blood clots and swelling,
  • Light walking is usually recommended starting the day of surgery. Heavy exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for a few weeks.
  • The use of a compression garment is often recommended for some as these garments are beneficial for decreasing the amount of bruising and swelling, and helping loose skin to retract.

Why choose Nova?

At Nova cosmetic surgery centre, we utilize the ground breaking treatment liposculpture as an effective way to improve your appearance. We have extensive experience in all forms of body contouring and fat reduction. Our approach is unlike any others, combining holistic cosmetic and anti-aging procedures for an overall improvement of life.

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