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Are you unhappy about your flat and unshapely bottom? Do you think the other areas of your body could use less volume? The Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as a BBL surgery, may be just the right procedure for you. While genetics, weight loss, and aging play important roles in the size and firmness of your buttocks, at Nova cosmetic Surgery centre we can remove excess fat from elsewhere on the body through liposuction, and inject your harvested and purified fat into the buttocks to give you a rounder and fuller bottom.

The procedure:

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure may take more or less time based on the amount of donor sites used and the number of injections needed to achieve the desired look. The patient will experience swelling and bruising of the rear end and the liposuction areas. Also, they may have difficulty sitting until the swelling has subsided. The extra fat from liposuction may be saved to be used at the first follow up appointment to fill in any unevenness if any. It takes approximately 3 months to see visible results. Every patient is different, so results and surgical techniques may vary from patient to patient.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Those who wish to add volume and form to their buttocks.
  • People who do not have severe skin sagging in the buttocks as sever sagging may require a lower body lift.
  • People with a lack of lower body profile appeal
  • Those with any Gluteal asymmetry or any buttock defects
  • Those with the desire to have better and shapely buttocks
  • People who have gone through traumatic injuries or contour deformities
  • Those who want to undergo buttock reconstruction following a bariatric surgery
  • Individuals who have the appropriate body shape for a butt lift.
  • People with a body mass index that is below 35, to avoid complications post-surgery..
  • Individuals who do not smoke.



The patient will be sore and experience swelling and pain soon after the surgery. They might have to stay in the hospital for a day. Here are a few post-operative precautions you may need after:

  • Take at least a week from the job
  • Keep the incisions clean and dry
  • Avoid sitting for a week
  • Do not sleep on supine position for at least 6 weeks
  • Avoid giving pressure or tension on the buttocks for at least 6 weeks
  • Using compression garment up to 6 weeks is mandatory for better results.


Why choose Nova?

At Nova cosmetic surgery centre, we utilize the ground breaking Brazilian butt lift surgery as an effective way to improve your appearance. We have extensive experience in all forms of body contouring and fat reduction. Our goal is to make your experience as stress-free as possible, and give everything in our power to ensure you achieve your desired outcome with exceptional care. Our approach is unlike any others, combining holistic cosmetic and anti-aging procedures for an overall improvement of life.

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